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This is being worked on...when I gotz the time...come back ya'hear

reflecting finger
Reflecting Finger Monaural Skin Job (1993) 31 min Cassette (out of print)
feel pee
Feel Pee EP (2001) CD-R (org. version out of print - see reissue)
cable split
Split with Bloomington, IN's Cable (2005) 30 min Cassette (out of print)
reissue pee
Feel Pee EP reissue (APOP 2006) CD-R
Harm on hits version 2
paramecium fudge - harm on hits vol 1. Reissue  CD-R box w/ drug supplies and book (Kuu Music 2008)

Comp Appearances

Muthors of Poil (1997) 30 min Cassette (out of print)
Clogs (2002) 3X30 min Cassette Box (out of print) 
Naugacide Movie (Porksword Productions 2005) 76 min DVD
The One Eyed Swine is Queen CD-R (RealReel/Terry Plumming/APOP 2007) CD-R
spllit w/ cave
Cave (Chicago)/ Skarekrau Radio "The Patience Split" Cassette  (Real Reel/Kuu Music 2009)


harm on hit vol 1
paramecium fudge - harm on hits vol 1. (1999) 12inch LP (few remain available only from band)
airplane bomb
"Airplane Bomb" split with Chicago's Lord of the Yum Yum (2003) 7inch (out of print) 
split LP
Split with Columbia's Jerusalem and the Starbaskets (RealReel/Apop 2005) 12inch LP  
the iireal me
The Iireal me Sutura/The Iireal Me Futura CD-R/DVD-R set (Kuu Music/APOP 2008)
split with cave 2
Cave (Chicago) /  Skarekrauradio "Live 2009" split Cassette (self released by the bands 2010)