The Muthors Of Poil
 fold out of "Muthors of Poil" cassette
MOP inside

Track Listing:

Side 1:
Doin' Drugs in the City
Future Insectoid
The Hopefuls of the Love Doll Hero
Mexican Holiday
Playing Wit My Play Thing
Indie Rockk Friend
Happiness of the Moneyful No-Cares
Beef Gravy
Side 2:
Ode to Reed
Experimental Clone
The Stomp of the Horiffic Hag
Werking With Gemiss
Zenith Non-toxic


The Ab R-3000
Rachel Creager
Horse Von Krawls
Sea-Mo Blue
Crabby Patty
Josh Vance
Jeff Hoffman
Tom McTighe

Hear Me.....

Doin' Drugs in the City


The Stomp of the Horiffic Hag

Experimental Clone

Ineresting Thoughts and Retrospect...

Five years after the "Reflecting Finger" cassette, Major Label Tapes (co-ran by Wiggpaw) released "The Muthors of Poil" cassette  in 1998. Recorded on a tascam cassette 4-track in a loft on the corner of Ashland and Milwaukee in Chicago was the first time doing so with a full trap set.  Wiggpaw had been playing drums for a band called “Fresh Vegetables” w/ Mr. Curious around that time and became okay at it so Wiggpaw played the drums on these tracks.  Because of the drums it lost some of the simpleton qualities from “Reflecting Finger” and thus its charm.  Yet  some of these tracks spawned some of the better songs like  Indie Rockk Friend,”  “Experimental Clone” and “Future Insectoid” the band did with the current St. Louis line up.   These are also the last recordings with The Ab R-3000 and Rachel Creagar who were mainstays in skarekrau during the mid-90’s.  But it was also the first recordings with Mr. Curious, Thomas Eversmann and Chris Carl who are still in band today (as Santiago Modern Mound and Major Pvt. Sprinkles respectively).  On the track “Mexican Holiday” there are actual horns honking down Milwaukee Ave. during Cinco De Mayo celebrations. “Playing Wit My Play Thing” featured the use of a 5 inch plastic toy guitar with nylon strings. “Niteborgers” was the only track recorded in Logan Square and was first called “John always Knows” with lyrics.  This version had the vocals recorded over Chris Carl’s early noise machines.  The original version was later released on “Clogs.”  The band played a few shows with The Ab R-3000, Rachel Creager, Ed Cregan,  and Chris Carl and tried to pawn this tape as well before things fizzled from folks moving away and personal problems and skarekrau became a Duo with a one Allison Stanley on drums.    Wiggpaw can’t even play this cassette without cringing at times.