Reflecting Finger Monaural Skinjob
reflecting me reflecting you
Track Listing:
Side 1:
Tragic Woman Insane
Mar Jar Sigmund Sue
I Lie
Scissor Girl
Waste Today
Too Fecus to be Jesus
Do Drugs
Side 2:
Losing Me
Shoot Ourselves
Frosted Flakes
Beer Can Song
The Ab R-3000
Rachel Creager
Scott Gibbons
Laura Johnson
and some dood passing thru town named Matt

Hear Me.....

Waste Today

Ineresting Thoughts and Retrospect...

The First release as Skarekrau Radio on Wiggpaw's CumSun label (and this is it's only release) in 1993.  Skarekrau Radio stemed off the band of a simular name "Scarecrow Radio" in which wiggpaw played guitar. Once the band fizzled Wiggpaw called his recording projects "Fear of Cows" but after thinking it was kinda  dumb decided to go back to being called Scarecrow Radio since the other members didn't use it and Wiggpaw likes the way it rolls.  When this was decided Wiggpaw told his buddy the El Shorty on a CTA bus what the name of his band was he sneezed at that same instant.  IT came out "ScarAaaaca!Chu! Radio" and the El Shorty thought it was wonderful.. So To the best of Wiggpaw's ablities tryed to spell it like the way he sneezed it came up with "Skarekrau Radio" and later the name of the god "Kuu".  It was a moment on that bus that started a revolution that Wiggpaw had no idea.  Kuu had found Wiggpaw.  Kuu had found Wiggpaw!!!  Anyway, the Cover art is a drawing by The Ab R-3000.  Other art work was done by Jen Hauser and Wiggpaw himself.  There is even a liner note by Tom McTighe in there.  CumSun was a cassette label Wiggpaw started and dreamed of releasing old basement tapes and bathroom crooning.  Wanted recordings of  bugs  and thunderstorms.  Wanted them to be all purpose.  Wiggpaw played some of these songs live in bars on open mic nights. Later played Czar Bar a couple times trying to pawn this tape.  Interesting fact is that "Scissor Girl" later became "Myspace Girl" on "The One Eyed Swine Is Queen".  The Scissor Girls were a rad band in Chicago around the time Wiggpaw lived in Chicago..a bitter sweet homage if you will...not to say the wildly popular personal socal web site is in any way like the Sissor Girls, it just seemed like the lyrics were pretty interchangable. Before the song was called "Sissor Girl" it was called "Indigo Girl."