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Meet The Kuu Sect Manager
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With Skarekrauradio's fight to distroy the insectoids in full on force, pesky legal matters pop up now and then, so the Kuu sect needed representation, so if yer gunna sue, contact our manager......

Hello, I'm Bryan Dematteis of Pork Sword Productions. I proudly represent the Tempora Kuu Sect - Skarekrauradio and I'll tell you why. Like many of you I'm a religious man, but unlike you I feel the body and mind are fleshy containment units for the soul. I feel each cell in our bodies should be exposed to all things. Some of these things are wholesome like childhood outdoor games and the bliss of showering alone. Yet I think it would be a shame if one does not visit the dark underworld our planet has for us. Prositution, drugs use, and crime are very underrated because of the negative thrills that encompass these endevours. Like those once great inhabitants of Mt. Zoovious, did in fact indulge in these "sinnful" acts as a right of passage of ending their old selfs of impending insectoidhood to an enlightened state of being. When I go to a skarekrauradio warning orb, I feel those otherwise frowned upon endevors celebrated and it makes me feel good that I don't have to feel bad. I never want this passion for the slimy "wrongful" ways to end so I took it upon myself to defend it. The insectoids have lots of money, but I have something they don't have - real medical grade casts, bandages, and drug prescriptions. Nothing works better for a bleeding heart jury than my endless access to medical supplies. I can legally make the whole Tempora Sect seem insane and that they all need drugs to function in society. If they don't have access to them, they may do bad things, so it's not their fault. I also represent the Kuu Sect because I know how much work they do to prepare for their warning orbs.

Sea Mo Blue working with his fans

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Argg glig!

You See, when I represent somebody, I need to feel close to that person, and it's no different for skarekrauradio. I see them working real hard all the time with thier battle with the insectoids. They make musickal weapons of mass insectoid distruction with overpriced crap from radio shack and junk yards. They make caractures out of common cardboard boxes to display and protest the insectoid contol. They fight the tempations of television and mp3's in which the insectoids have total control. They also employ (with beer) great craftsmen like Mr. Curious to help build a better warning orb

mr curious working on twiggy's bass

I too, hope to help skarekrauradio build a better warning orb by protecting their interests and guarding them from insectoid lawers. You will see me at all warning orbs documenting them with my video camera and passing honest to good facts about the the Kuu sect members. Feel free to talk to me, bring me into your life, don't be a shy one ya know, I will show you my world. May Kuu be with you.

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Mr Bryan Dematteis is not affiliated with the National BAR Association.