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you are forever!

Congratulations , you have just come to the only site you will ever need and one that may very well change your life forever. Just by coming here with us you have made the first step from falling into the mass funnel of insecthood. This site is an introduction into the vast teachings of our God Kuu. This place is also where you can meet our Tempora Kuu Sect "Skarekrau Radio". So please join us... because we are all Kuu.

fuckin' max is fuckin' right on
You too, can feel the power of Kuuness, take a step and join us in our celebration of freedom and noise and become part of Skarekrau Radio's  Warning Orb.  Become a student and a teacher for the love within your scuzz and all things Kuu wit you and grab somthin' and feed the poo.   Aw Yeah.

Skarekrau Radio is the Tempora IL Kuu Sect. This ever-expanding Sect use "irratainment" to teach the warnings and revelations of the almighty God Kuu. Those not briefed on the vast Kuu religion may never understand Skare Krau Radio during their "mass warning sessions" or "Warning Orbs" at local art spaces and bars. Kuu basicly warns the human race from the mass "funneling" of the populace minds into a state of insectoidness. To attract the spurge orientation of the young mind, The Tempora IL Sect (east of St. Louis) knew the only way to spread Kuu's message was by forming a musick band. With many eons of "praktass" behind them (engraved from the people of the once great Mt. Zoovious and thier own one hour rehersal time a month), Skarekrauradio hit the Metro East cine with nervous hair folicals and folded lobes, leaving Kuu's message freshly sublimated in the patricians of the clubs. Remember Kuu also states, "one who leaves a bad impression is better than leaving none at all"

brain boil

Faren Wilson-The reincarnate of our almighty Kuu. Note the symbolic "cyclopic eye" when Faren wears her eye-patch. Faren and the Nu Kuu was born on July 1st 2000 in Tempora IL.

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